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My DVD Backlog

I've been threatening to do this for a while, and I'm just bored enough at work to do it, so I'm gonna fill you guys in on my insanely massive DVD backlog.

Bear in mind, this is hardly my complete DVD collection.  These are just the ones I haven't gotten around to watching yet.  And while I have seen about a dozen of them before, I haven't seen this particular DVD of them, so I'm still counting them in my backlog.  I'm also not including the two box sets I haven't watched yet (one of them with 20 cheezy monster movies, the other with 12 cheezy science fiction movies and 8 episodes of the black-and-white version of Flash Gordon), or the one wrestling DVD (a biography of Vince McMahon) that I haven't gotten around to yet.  As well, I'm not counting the box sets I'm expecting in the next couple of months from Amazon (just for the record, they're the first seasons of Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Get Smart, the second seasons of Heroes and Jericho, the Andy Dick version of Get Smart (hey, it was only ten bucks!), and the Die Hard trilogy), because, well, I don't actually have them yet.

When looking through the list, try not to judge my tastes too harshly.  While I do tend to prefer the big Hollywood blockbuster, and definitely have a soft spot for cheezy B-movies, I can still appreciate the smaller independant film, or the more serious dramatic movie.  They're just not typically my first choice, is all.  As well, bear in mind that a number of these movies were gifts, and still more of them were basically the third film from our local video store's "buy two, get one free" deal on previously viewed movies.

And now, without further ado, in completely random alphabetical order, my DVD backlog is as follows (please don't judge me):

* Airheads
* American Dreamz
* Art School Confidential
* The Astronaut Farmer
* Bandidas (Salma Hayak and Penelope as Western bank robbers.  Need I say more?)
* Beowulf
* Beyond the Sea 
* Big Nothing (A straight-to-video movie starring David Schwimmer.  Hey, it was buy-two-get-one-free, I was stuck for a third one, and it looked interesting.)
* Black Dahlia
* Black Snake Moan
* Black X-Mas (The remake.)
* Blade
* Blade 2
* Blade Trinity
* Blade Runner (the director's cut)
* Blazing Saddles (One of my all-time favourites, but I haven't seen the NON-"edited-for-television" version in years.)
* Casino Royale (The original David Niven one.)
* Catch and Release (Bought mainly 'cause Kevin Smith was the third lead.  One of these days I might acutally be bored enough to watch it.)
* Children of Men
* Cinderella Man
* Coffee and Cigarettes
* Constantine
* The Corpse Bride
* The Da Vinci Code (I forgot to send the little card back to Columbia House.)
* Dawn of the Dead (The original version.)
* The Dead Pool (So far, I've only seen two "Dirty Harry" movies from beginning to end, Dirty Harry and Magnum Force.  * This will be the third.)
* Death at a Funeral
* The Departed
* Dick Tracey vs. Cueball / The Shadow Strikes (A collection of two old movie serials on one disk.)
* Disturbia
* Doom
* Dr. Strangelove
* Driving Lessons (An indy flick starring Ron Weasley.  Again, "buy-two-get-one-free".)
* Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning (Don't judge me!)
* The Faculty (I love this movie!  Saving it for Hallowe'en, though.)
* Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (Because I am that much of a comic geek that I fully intend to own, at one point or another, every single comic book movie ever made.  Even the crappy ones.)
* Fast Food Nation
* Ferris Bueller's Day Off (Classic!)
* Fever Pitch (The Jimmy Fallon / Drew Barrymore one, not the original British version.  Just for the record.)
* For Your Consideration
* From Hell (Bought mostly to replace the copy I lost in a house fire.)
* F**K (A documentary about the F-word.  Heard it was supposed to be pretty entertaining.)
* Gridiron Gang
* The Grudge 2
* Happily N'Ever After (Currently on loan to my niece.)
* Hollow Man 2
* Hollywoodland
* Hot Fuzz
* Hot Shots
* Hot Shots Part Deux
* House of the Dead 2
* I Think I Love My Wife  (I'm just barely enough of a Chris Rock fan to want to see this.  Just not right away, is all.)
* Ice Age
* The Illusionist
* Inside Man
* Into the Sun (A Stephen Segal straight-to-video film that my brother gave me a couple of years ago.  At one point, my backlog was down to this and Luther, which he gave me at the same time.  Frankly, I'm not in a big rush to watch either of them.)
* Jarhead
* John Tucker Must Die 
* Killers from Space / Phantom from Space (Two cheezy sci-fi movies on one disk, at a dirt-cheap price.  Kinda tells you all you need to know, doesn't it?)
* Knocked Up
* Lake Placid 2 ('Cause the original left so many unanswered questions....)
* Lady in the Water ('Cause the last M. Night Shamalan movie I saw was Signs, and I haven't been completely soured on him yet.)
* Let's Go To Prison
* Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
* Live Free or Die Hard (I ordered the original trilogy after I bought this.  Since I still haven't seen the second and third movies yet, I'll wait 'til after the box set comes in before I watch this one.)
* Lost in Translation
* Luther (About the guy who founded the Lutheran Church.  What I said about Into the Sun?  Goes double for this one.)
* The Matador
Melinda & Melinda
* The Mist
* Monty Python and the Holy Grail (One of the funniest movies ever made.)
* The Musketeer
* My Super Ex-Girlfriend
* Nacho Libre
* Night Shift (The one with Henry Winkler and Michael Keaton as morgue attendants slash pimps, not a horror movie with a similar name or anything.  Just felt the need to clarify, for some reason.)
* The Number 23 ('Cause I'm that much of a Jim Carrey fan.  Sue me.)
* Ocean's Eleven (The Clooney version.)
* Once Bitten ('Cause I'm that much of a Jim Carrey fan.)
* Open Water 2 ('Cause if there's one thing a movie about stranded swimmers drowning in shark-infested waters needed, it's a sequel.  Another one my brother bought.  I'll probably get around to it long before the other two, though.)
* Pan's Labyrinth
* Primary Colors (Starring John Travolta as a character loosely based on Bill Clinton.  That alone tells you it's gonna be at least entertaining.)
* Ratatouille
* Red Eye
* Reno 911: The Movie
* Resident Evil: Extinction (I've already seen the first two, so what the hell....)
* Runaway Jury
* Rush Hour 3 (See comments for Resident Evil: Extinction.)
* Sahara
* Santa's Slay (Starring wrestler Bill Goldberg as an evil Santa!  Fun for the whole family!)
* School for Scoundrels
* Scrooged
* See No Evil  (Starring wrestler Kane as a guy who.. eats eyes.... or something.  Not up on all the plot points, but I still wanna see it.  Eventually.)
* The Sentinel
* The Seven Swords (As near as I can figure from the box, it's a Hong Kong version of The Magnificent Seven, which is in itself an American version of The Seven Samurai.  It'll either be an artful swordfighting masterpiece, or a cheezy piece of crap.  Either way, I'm game. :) )
* Shoot 'Em Up
* Shopgirl
* Sidekick (A Canadian movie about a comic book geek who finds out his buddy has telekinesis, and pushes him into being a superhero.)
* Snakes on a Train (The only thing better than a good B-movie is a cheap knockoff of a good B-movie that was rushed to video to catch in on the good B-movie's buzz.)
* Spaceballs
* Strangers with Candy (The movie based on the TV series that I haven't seen an episode of, but that I heard was pretty good, and stars two of my favourite comedic actors.)
* Superman Returns
* Suspect Zero
* Swamp Thing
* Talladega Nights.  (Those damn Columbia House reply cards.....)
* They Came from Beyond Space / Warning from Space (Yep, two more crappy sci-fi movies on one dirt-cheap DVD.  Hey, what can I say?  I'm a sucker for those. :) )
* There Will Be Blood
* Transporter 2
* V for Vendetta (Saving it for Guy Fawke's Night.)
* Waitress
* Walking Tall: Lone Justice (A straight-to-video sequel/remake of the Rock movie, starring Kevin Sorbo.  Sounds cheezier than a dish of my lasagna.  So naturally, I had to buy it....)
* The Weather Man
* The Wicker Man
* The World's Fastest Indian
* The Wrong Guy (A Canadian movie starring Dave Foley as a man who thinks he's being wrongly accused of murder.  Saw bits and pieces of it on cable a while back, and it looked hilarious.)
* X-Men
* Young Frankenstein
* Young Triffie (Another Canadian movie)
* Zodiac

At my new job, I don't have a TV at the moment, so I'll probably have a huge dent made in this list by the time the owner of the hotel puts one in (apparently, it's part of their renovations).  I'll try to keep you all posted on what ones I have and haven't watched. :)


Edited to add:

On the way home from work this morning, I stopped at a yard sale, and snagged copies of Saving Private Ryan, Friday Night Lights, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  You can go ahead and include them in my backlist. :)



I accidentally posted to my own LJ page instead of the Heroes Mafia community.  Just edited it out.  Please ignore this post.  Thank you kindly :)

An Idol Falls

I'm still reeling.

I've been a fan of Chris Benoit since his days in the Four Horsemen.  He was a no-nonsense performer in the ring, was definitely one of the most talented technical wrestlers this side of Bret Hart, and his diving headbutt from the top turnbuckle was a thing of beauty.  I followed his career ever since.  I watched his legendary best-of-seven series with Booker T.  I saw his final WCW match, when he actually won the title on the way out the door, and I jumped to my feet when he showed up on Monday Night Raw the next day.  I felt sorrow when he broke his neck in the ring (and still finished the match), and joy when he returned to the ring, and didn't appear to have lost a step.  I felt pride when he won the Royal Rumble, and I cheered when he finally won the WWE Heavyweight Championship.  By far, he was one of my favourite wrestlers, and every match he was in was guaranteed to be a blockbuster.

This past Friday, according to the reports, Chris Benoit beat and strangled his wife.  This past Saturday, he smothered his seven-year-old son.  This past Sunday, he hanged himself from a piece of weighlifting equipment.

Shock doesn't even begin to cover it.  A day after hearing the news, I'm still running the gamut, from sadness to anger, confusion to disbelief.  It may be days, even weeks before I can get my mind wrapped around this.  I just hope that the souls of Nancy and Daniel Benoit are at peace, and I only wish that Chris could have fought his own demons as well as he battled his opponents.

When a hero falls to Earth, he leaves a crater the world can see.

Hey, people!

Hey, everyone!  I got talked into starting up my own LJ page by the crowd in Television Without Pity's Heroes Meet Market forum.  Sounds like fun, but don't be surprised if I don't update it very often.  I set up a MySpace page over a year ago, and posted to it twice.

I'll probably post some proper pics of myself when I get a digital camera.  I've got one on order through our local Source store.  Hopefully, I'll get it by Easter.

Catch you all later.



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